Yess builds pipeline better than a human
ever could

ever could

Yess is more than just lead automation - it picks up buyer intent signals and dynamically adjusts each outreach so it's perfectly personalized and optimized in real-time. Boom.

Buying journeys are dynamic.
But static sequences in prospecting tools aren’t.


So why are so many companies still using them?

Your company is collecting hundreds of data points across multiple tools and platforms every single day.

But that data isn’t operational, it’s siloed – stuck in those tools and platforms.

And nobody’s got the time, or brain capacity, to switch between them all and collate the context they need to personalize one message like they should – when they have quotas to meet.

At the same time, most sales and revenue ‘prospecting tools’ are nothing more than spray-and-pray, automated sequences that get delivered regardless of how a lead responds (or doesn’t).

Meaning they’re totally disconnected from your buyers’ current interactions with your product, customer support, marketing assets, and beyond.

So while these ‘prospecting’ tools might make your team look busy – that doesn’t mean they’re actually driving more revenue.

No spray-and-pray. And no static sequences.

Yess’ lead automation evolves its strategy and tactics
in real-time.

strategy and tactics

Powered by its patent-pending Continuous Analysis/Dynamic Execution engine, Yess updates the content of each message, the channels it uses, and the people it reaches out to – all by itself.

Building pipeline for you, without human intervention.

Continuous analysis


Yess integrates the tools and platforms your company already uses to collect data on your customers and prospects – including your CRM, social networks, news websites, and third-party data.


Based on these findings, Yess then prioritizes which companies should be reached out to and in which order, to create the biggest impact.

Dynamic execution


Based on the collected Data, distilled Insights, and Prioritization, Yess builds an initial strategy, identifying which decision makers, users, and influencers our sales AI software should reach out to.

Yess then creates an engagement plan in line with the seller’s settings and playbooks. Including multi-threading strategies for multiple contacts at a single company.


Our sales AI software then reaches out to multiple leads and contacts, using an optimized mix of phone, email, and LinkedIn for lead automation.

Drawing on its Continuous Analysis, Yess dynamically changes up the content of each message, email, or phone call, and even switches between the channels it uses for each lead – so it always reaches out in the most optimal, relevant way.

Plus, you can stay on top
of everything Yess does.

strategy and tactics
As Yess books you meetings, your sales leaders get both bird’s eye views and granular views of what Yess does and the pipeline it creates.

At the same time, every member of your sales and revenue teams has their own personal cozy corner in Yess where they can:

See and evaluate prospect engagement metrics, booked meetings, and closed/won deals.

Review the messages Yess sent and lead or contact engagement data prior to their booked meetings – so they’re up-to-date with what Yess has been doing.

Stay in control of their territory and individual prospect journeys.

How it works

Our sales AI software is such a dream to use,
it feels like an unfair advantage.

to use,

Step 1: Connect

First up, you need to connect your email address to Yess and download our LinkedIn Chrome extension.

This is critical because Yess is not an AI bot. Yess’ sales AI software operates directly from your actual email address and LinkedIn account, so your prospect never feels like there’s an awkward hand-off or transition from AI to human.

Step 2: Sync

Next, sync your CRM and your marketing, product, and customer support platforms with Yess.

Syncing is almost instant thanks to one-click integrations (that are literally one click), so you can connect almost any tool or platform you want, including:

Step 3: Delegate

All you need to do then is delegate/assign which leads or contacts you want Yess' lead automation to work on for you.

You can do this directly from your CRM or inside the Yess platform. Either way, it’s as simple as checking a box.

Step 4: Set

And last but not least, set your desired autonomy level for Yess.

Some people want it to be 100% hands off – and some people would love to stay in the driver’s seat. So choose whatever you’re comfortable with from 3 levels, including:


Pipeline-as-a-service: 100% hands-off, all you have to do is show up for the meetings on your calendar.


Stay in control: You’re still in control, and will be prompted to approve each message, email, or action before Yess sends it out.

Step 5: Win

Never stress over personalizing an email or LinkedIn message. And never stress about deciding who to reach out to – ever again.

As Yess fills your calendar with meeting after meeting, all you have to do is take those calls, build relationships, and close deals.


Say no to typical sales automation platforms,
and Yess to more revenue.


Convert B2B leads into new sales meetings and go beyond typical sales automation softwares with the world's first hands-off AI pipeline creation agent.